No foreigner is allowed to directly own freehold land in Thailand. However, a foreigner can own the structure that is separate from the land. A foreigner may also register leasehold on the title deed in their own name. A registered leasehold may also be structured such that it essentially gives the person leasing “freehold value” by including a "freehold option" clause in the lease. The freehold option clause then allows the person leasing the land to transfer the freehold title to anyone lawfully allowed to receive it at any time during the lease.

Such registered leaseholds are very easy to setup. Aqualina Villas are sold on such basis. Owners are offered a twice-renewable lease which will allow up to 90 years of legal leasehold ownership or to transfer the freehold to someone of their choosing. Thus, the lease with a freehold option offers the owner security, flexibility and freehold value.

Make a deposit of THB 150,000 which will be deducted from the final payment.

The Sales and Purchase Agreement will be signed within 30 days of the reservation.

There will be 4 installments paid during the construction period

Samui Overview:

Located off the East Coast of Thailand, Samui is famed for its natural beauty. Comprising sunshine, soft sands, crystal waters, and equatorial greenery, idyllic island living is enhanced by a plethora of world-class facilities available on the island. In recent years, there has been an explosion of award-winning resorts, spas, and restaurants frequented by lifestyle seekers and trendsetters from the E.U., U.S., Singapore, and Hong Kong. With them came a new level of sophistication on Samui. Samui has an attractive contemporary edge over other island retreats in the region. Draws in more long-term visitors interested in settling down on the island, pushing property prices to a new high, with forecasts of even bigger growth.

Why Aqualina?

Supply vs. Demand Aqualina lies on the last few remaining sites on the island offering ocean views and is located in an area known for its million-dollar homes and acclaimed lifestyle establishments. If demand remains constant, and supply is limited, the value of these ocean-view villas is expected to rise.

Built by an acclaimed architectural team - these villas are designed to bring to you the best tropical living can offer. Open spaces, spacious decks, and more…

Real Potential Capital Growth

Samui's evolvement from a backpacker's paradise to world-class holiday destination has yet to reach a stage of maturity.
Land and property prices are still expected to rise by as much as 15 - 20% due to:

  • ease of access to the island with many international flights facilitating increasing numbers of visitors.
  • government intervention is bringing about development of better infrastructure - roads are being built, zoning is being implemented, environmental regulations are being drawn - making Samui ever more attractive.
  • increasing demand for holiday homes from regional hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • limited supply of high-end accommodation is driving up the demand for upmarket holiday homes.
  • limited supply of prime plots.

Rental Income

Offering a 6-8% ROI with an up to XX-day stay for those who opt to be part of a rental programme supported and managed by the marketing network of The Unique Collections, buyers are assured of an average occupancy rate of XX% in the beginning and up to 60% within 4-5 years.

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